Advocating For The Human Rights Of The SMI

Standing United for the Humane Treatment Of The Incarcerated SMI of America


We have one primary function - to support the humane treatment of those living with serious mental illnesses who are incarcerated across the U.S.A. Humane treatment includes providing inmates with necessary medications and psychiatric services that ensure they remain stable and non-suicidal. We believe that excessive use of chemical restraints, solitary confinement, and denial of basic prescribed psychiatric medicines to be deemed "cruel and unusual punishment" for those living with a SMI.

We are a private watchdog group created and maintained by SMI advocates across the United States to oversee human rights violations by jails, prisons or other individuals who are responsible for the care of the seriously mentally ill that they house through incarceration. We advocate on behalf of SMI inmates and their families for basic human rights needs such as medicines and psychiatric care. We will also aid families in filing formal complaints with proper civil rights champions such as The American Civil Liberties Organization when civil rights are violated or recorded abuses occur. We will also refer you to local resources when available to help make your efforts more successful.

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